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Mayor Fulop Introduces 2015 Municipal Budget

The 2015 Calendar Year Budget has been introduced by the administration with no property tax increase as we continue to expand our tax base, consolidate services, and promote economic policies that stimulate growth. We are keeping taxes stable this year following last year’s property tax reduction of 2.13 percent – a rare accomplishment for New Jersey municipalities.

We are able to do this by changing the way the municipal budget is developed, using a multi-year forecast, not relying on one-shot revenue measures, and by incentivizing economic development and growth across the city.

While keeping taxes stable, in 2015 we will hire an additional 50 police officers, approximately 30 firefighters, and will continue to expand recreational programming and park investments throughout the city. The Department of Health and Human Services will grow its senior affairs and senior nutrition program to reach more senior citizens, and the Jersey City Summer Works program will place nearly 1,000 Jersey City students in summer jobs and internships. The City will also implement an aggressive citywide street repaving program during the spring and summer.

Mayor Fulop Announces Aggressive Inter-Agency Pothole Plan that will Target Potholes Across City; New Approach Triples Number of Crews and Uses Technology to Map Locations of Pothole Repairs

Mayor Steven M. Fulop announced today that the Department of Public Works is launching an aggressive pothole repair plan that coordinates three agencies with crews working in all wards simultaneously, tripling the amount of pothole repair teams while also utilizing technology to more quickly and efficiently eliminate potholes.

“Our approach to potholes is both aggressive and smart,” said Mayor Fulop. “We are tripling the personnel assigned to repairs and leveraging technology so we can eliminate potholes quickly and efficiently across all wards.”

Six crews combined of personnel from DPW, the Jersey City Incinerator Authority (JCIA) and the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (JCMUA) will be working across the city simultaneously, repairing potholes in every ward. A seventh crew will be assigned to respond to pothole complaints received through the Resident Response Center (RRC).

Repairing potholes is a two-phased process with crews first filling with cold patch materials until the asphalt plants open in early April. Once the asphalt is available, pothole crews then return to the fill the pothole with hot tar, sealing the pothole.

This year, while placing the cold patch, all pothole repairs will be mapped and digitized so that DPW personnel will know exactly where crews need to be dispatched with hot asphalt to seal the potholes. All potholes will be revisited within 60 days to complete the process. Additionally, DPW will utilize the digitized map to cross reference with streets that will be repaved as part of the City’s comprehensive resurfacing program, creating greater efficiency.

The aggressive pothole plan comes at no additional cost to taxpayers, as the city is expanding its capabilities without adding cost by utilizing two additional agencies to increase equipment and personnel.

To report a pothole, residents should call the RRC at 201-547-4900 and fill out the online request form.

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Mayor Fulop & Recreation Department together with Jersey City Lacrosse Announce Lacrosse Season Travel Team for Boys and Girls

Mayor Steven M. Fulop, members of the City Council and the Department of Recreation together with Jersey City Lacrosse announce upcoming schedule and travel team open to boys and girls age 8 to 15.

The Department of Recreation and Jersey City Lacrosse just finished two months of introductory clinics.

Jersey City Lacrosse is an all volunteer 501c3 organization and all coaches are members of and trained by US Lacrosse the entity that oversees US high school and college lacrosse programs.

Many universities across the country offer scholarships for lacrosse and more schools are adding it, increasing demand. Both Notre Dame and Denver now have championship level programs for men and women. Some colleges are building stadiums specific for lacrosse.

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JC Sues Port Authority For $400 Million In Missed Payments 

Mayor Steven M. Fulop has announced that the city will
file suit against the Port Authority of New York and New
Jersey for $400 million for missed tax payments and
undue economic harm caused to the taxpayers of
Jersey City by the bi-state transportation agency

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