Monday, ‎April 6 through Thursday, April 9th, alternate side of the street parking rules will be reinstated to allow street sweepers to remove collecting  litter and debris from city roadways.

Mayor Fulop and Jersey City public school officials have opened 33 school parking lots throughout each corridor of the city for residents to park their vehicles during the State of Emergency.
Click here for map of JC school parking lots.
Click here for list of JC school parking lots

Read the press release here.



The Jersey City Division of Parking oversees parking spaces and lots, manages street cleaning, issues tickets for violations, and provides parking permits.
Resident parking permits are required for parking over 2 hours in many areas. Posted signs will indicate a need for a parking permit, parking restrictions for street cleaning, and other limitations for street parking. Parking meters are also placed in certain high traffic business districts.

Click here for information on Zone 16 in Jersey City Heights.  All parking regulations  are suspended on city holidays listed here.

PLEASE NOTE: When parking regulations are suspended, that means street cleaning, residential zone parking, and meter rules will not be enforced that day. Anytime parking regulations are suspended, drivers are still not permitted to park illegally (i.e. blocking fire hydrants, off corners, etc.) and will be ticketed accordingly.   Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our roadways safe.

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