Lincoln Park The Division of Parks and Forestry oversees over 60 parks citywide and is responsible for the maintenance and care of playgrounds and other properties as well.  From tree trimming to tree removal, installation, and repair of playground equipment, landscaping, maintenance of all city pools, ball fields, basketball and tennis courts, Parks and Forestry workers are hard at work to beautify the city while ensuring safe areas for kids of all ages to enjoy.



Please note that the Public Scoping meeting scheduled for

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 6pm has been cancelled.

 The meeting was regarding the diversion of parkland within Jersey City; that diversion application has been withdrawn.

Jersey City Parks & Forestry is working to maintain the health of our tree canopy amid the caterpillar (actually known as Fall Webworms) infestation. They are treating affected trees in the City.
Parks and Forestry cannot manage trees on private property or backyards. In the event you are experiencing an issue, please see a list of options we compiled for you below:
- You could call a private tree service that could help you with this matter on private property.
-"At home remedies" are breaking open the silken tents so that natural predators such as birds can attack the webworms and reduce the population.
- You can purchase several organic sprays containing (bacillus thuringiensis) which is a natural biological pesticide at garden stores.
- Finally, heavily affected branches can be pruned away from tree; however, this is not generally recommended as healthy trees can recover from this defoliation.

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